What is the German Motorcycle Scene Like?

If you’re like me, you probably miss Germany. I miss the sights and sounds. The people… but not the food! But I wanted to get a feel for how the motorcycle scene has changed since I lived there in the 1990’s. So I researched it.

Here’s what I found:

Germany is famous for manufacturing some of the best motorcycle brands in the world. The country also has some of the best motorbike riders. Many riders can tour the country year-round and work on improving their skills. A very notable route can be seen here. A number of bike events are organised where skilled riders display their exceptional riding skills. We are going to provide you with important information about history of motorcycle in Germany, bike brands and some popular riding events.

Motorcycle History in Germany

Motorcycles were first developed using a safety bicycle (or moped) as the base. This is a bicycle that had equal size front and rear wheels. It also featured a pedal crank mechanism for driving the rear wheel. There is no precise information regarding the very first person to invent a motorcycle. This is because the idea occurred to many engineers in Europe especially, Germany and England, around the same time.

The first company to manufacture commercial motorcycles was Hildrebrand & Wolfmuller. This was in 1894 in Germany. The company however did not build many motorcycles en mass. Only a few were manufactured. In early 1930, DKW, a German company became the largest manufacture of motorbikes. They were sold in many countries across the world. BMW also dominated the market. The brand featured a shaft drive and enclosed engine and the transmission system was placed in a one aluminium housing.

Motorcycle Brands In Germany

German has many motorcycle brands.They vary in size and features. Those with advanced features are usually more costly than those with less features. Some of these brands move at a very fast speed .The most impressive thing about German motorcycle brands is that most of them are of high quality. They are durable and offer excellent performance. Their prices are relatively high when compared to cheap motorbikes that are common in developing countries. But they are worth the price. With different brands available,buyers have many options to choose from.

These Are The Brands.

  • Adma
  • Abako
  • Agon
  • BMW
  • Brennabor
  • DKW
  • Express Werke
  • Glas
  • Hercules
  • Kalex
  • Kreidler
  • Megola
  • Maico
  • Neander
  • Opel
  • Prophete
  • Simson
  • Thunderbike
  • Victoria
  • Windhoff
  • Zundapp


Motorcycle Riding

A very large majority of Germans know how to ride motorcycles. I remember this from my childhood. My mother knew how to ride as did most of my aunts. Because some motorbikes are designed to move at a high speed, all German motorcycle riders are required to adhere to traffic rules. This is for their own safety (and goes without saying since a motorcycle is considered a vehicle so they have to follow the same traffic rules).

Different places have different speed limits. It is advisable to ride at recommended speeds so that you do not suffer the consequences. Licenses are withdrawn from those who violate traffic rules. Not to mention, death happens! In most places, the maximum speed is usually 100Km/ hr in rural areas and 50km/h in urban areas. Driving above this is over-speeding (or speeding for us in the US).

But What Are The Traffic Rules

Many of the rules are the same in Germany. Even more are just plain common sense and should be obeyed if you want to stay alive.

Obey the speed limit. Speeding is a big one – especially on a motorcycle. 30km/hr above recommended speed is prohibited. License will be withdrawn.

Do not drive between two rows of slow moving vehicles. In the US, this is known as splitting the lane and is actually allowed in many states. But in Germany it is not.

Do not exceed 0.03 alcohol limit. This is about one glass of beer. It is strictly enforced.

Always wear a helmet for your safety.

Headlight must be switched on at night or in dark areas.

All road signs must be observed and respected.

Bike Events

Germans love riding motorbikes. For this reason, a number of bike events are organised in different parts of the country. The country has good roads. This makes riding easy, fun and enjoyable.

Germany has an area of 357,000 km squared.This offers plenty of space for motorcycle riders. States are linked by good roads which stretch thousands of kilometers. Riders can easily connect from one state to another.

Motorcycle tours are held in regions like Lechtal-vorarlberg, Konigistour, Fussen, Galturrunde and more.

Biggest Motorcycle Rally

The Elephant Rally. That’s really its name which is fitting since this remarkable rally is usually attended by many people. It’s the biggest Bike Rally in Germany. It is held in the month of February in Sola and Thurmansbang, Germany. It began as a meeting for winter-resilient drivers in 1956. There are no hotels in the area where the rally is held. People rely on tents for accommodation. The place is cold and has a lot of snow especially during winter.


Now you now know the history of motorcycle in Germany, brands, traffic rules and the biggest motorbike rally. Germany manufactures high quality motorbikes. Unfortunately, they are not many in developing countries because of their relatively high price. If you want to have an enjoyable riding experience, use German motorcycle.

And if you’re bored – you can check out this crashproof motorcycle that was developed in Germany… it’s not very crashproof!

Upcoming Event: Daytona Bike Week 2017

Event Name Daytona Bike Week – 2017
Event Date/Time Friday, March 10, 2017 – Sunday, March 19, 2017
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Event Description The whole city of Daytona Beach, Florida will be overrun with motorcycles. Daytona Bike Week Motorcycle Rally is probably one of the biggest bike events in the country with over 500,000 motorcycles rumbling into Daytona in the spring for Bike Week.

There is something for everyone including, old school biker parties, motorcycle races, concerts, bike games, people games and more.

This is one Motorcycle Rally you shouldn’t miss – an that should be on your bucket list!

Check the Official Daytona Beach Bike Week website (below) for complete schedule and venues

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Upcoming Event: Arizona Bike Week 2017 [My HOME!]

Event Name Arizona Bike Week 2017
Event Date/Time Wednesday, April 5, 2017 – Sunday, April 9, 2017
Event Type Motorcycle Rally
Event Description This event has been the Biggest Motorcycle Rally and Festival in the Phoenix area for more than 20 years and the 2017 Arizona Bike Week will be even Bigger and Better than ever. At least that’s what they tell me.

Whether you’re a first time attendee or long-time veteran, Arizona Bike Week 2016 promises to deliver a rally like you’ve never seen before. Arizona Bike Week (yeah, you heard that right, it’s a FULL WEEK!) is a growing event and each year brings more parties, activities and attractions to the Phoenix & Scottsdale area than the year before. If you enjoy carving out your own path, Arizona’s amazing spring weather and scenic desert and mountain roads make for some of the best riding in the country. If you prefer organized runs, there are daily charity rides that offer the opportunity to meet some fun people or connect with old friends, all while supporting a great cause.

Arizona Bike Week is located at WestWorld, a 360 acre special event site, complete with tent and RV campgrounds, in beautiful north Scottsdale. You’ll find hundreds of vendors, builders, dealers and manufacturers, offering all the best elements of the motorcycle world. Plus factory demo rides, stunt shows, contests, games and nightly concerts.

Location WestWorld of Scottsdale
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Bike for Sale: HARLEY WITH SIDECAR – $10,000 | Tucson, AZ


59650 total miles with only 2310 miles on a brand new (not rebuilt) engine.
Motor Trike Harley Manual Reverse. This is a true reverse tied into the clutch and transmission. You really need a reverse gear to easily back up a big bike with a sidecar.
Arizona bike originally sold in Glendale, 3rd owner, and always garaged.
New starter, motor mount, voltage regulator, drive belt, battery, rear air shocks, turn signal module, rear tire, and rear brake caliper and bracket. Has an S&S carb and an oil cooler.
Electronic ignition has been replaced with an “Old School” points ignition system. Fires right up the first time.

Attached to the Harley is a beautiful, fully enclosed mid 90’s Friendship III, 2 seat California Sidecar.
Dead End Cycle also did the attachment, dial in, and custom paint and lettering. Sidecar came off of an old Honda Goldwing in Northern California.
This is an All Weather Sidecar.
The sidecar is equipped with a disc brake, front and rear lights, interior light, mirror, and comes with a factory sidecar cover. Sidecar has an extra large deep lockable trunk for storage and easily removable snap and zipper side curtains and top. The sidecar was custom painted and pin striped to match the Harley.
The “K-9 Coach” carried 2 Rottweiler’s, a German Sheppard & a puppy with no problems along with 2 adult riders on the motorcycle.

See more photos on my craigslist ad here.

How do you protect your bike in the desert sun?

Spring and summer bring some sweltering heat to the Arizona, Nevada and other arid Desert Areas. It’s a great season to ride a motorcycle in the Mojave Desert, and Arizona and Nevada desert regions. However, even in the winter this area is famous for its heat, and in summer it reaches up to 120 degrees. So how do you prep your bike for desert riding so it can handle that sort of heat without letting you down?


Tires, saddles and paint all take some punishment in an arid climate. The sun’s rays can damage them, and so you should make a point of inspecting for cracks and signs of dryness, and treat them regularly with rubber protectant (for the tires) to keep them supple. All other parts have protectants, sprays, lube and waxes to keep them safe from the sun’s rays.

We recommend indoor storage too: Keeping your motorcycle in a garage will keep it safe from the sun, dust and wind – and out of sight of thieves. Use leather conditioner to protect your motorcycle’s accessories such as saddlebags, and keep the paint at its best by keeping it clean, dry and applying wax.

Engine Specs

What has the shortest lifespan in Vegas? If we’re talking bike brands, the answer’s a Harley Davidson, because they are air-cooled and the hot summer air is not enough to keep them cooled efficiently. That’s the advice of Susan Wells, a Vegas motorcycle enthusiast who’s been biking since 1991. So avoid air-cooled engines, and choose a water-cooled bike, says Wells. Brands such as Yamaha with water-cooled engines tend to survive longer in a hot, arid climate.

Panheads and shovelheads may sound great, Wells adds, but are best avoided. As well as being air-cooled and vintage pre-1965 bikes, these engine designs can suffer from a scarcity of replacement parts, particularly in this region, she says, as many locals consider them obsolete.

Riding Habits

The most enthusiastic bikers ride all year round, and rack up some mileage. They’ll probably get 10,000 miles of road under their wheels in an average year. A well-maintained bike can run for about 20 years before the owner needs to rebuild it, according to Joe Franklin, who organizes the annual Motorhead Festival nearby.

Vegas bikers tend to do most of their desert riding from September to May, when highs range from about 45 up to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Wells. Outside of these seasons, she adds, fairweather riders should consider trickle charging the battery. Wells recommends a slow, continual charge for long periods of storage when the bike is not being ridden for weeks and months at a time, to keep the battery alive.

Other Maintenance Tips

Keep dry parts full of air, and free of water. “A full gas tank is best for keeping moisture out of the gas tank,” says Joe Franklin.

The wet parts? Keep them full of fluid. “Keep the inside of the motor wet,” Franklin adds. “Keep the rings wet. Keep up the oil pressure.” He recommends using heavier, 50-weight oil for desert riding, as “it doesn’t break down so fast in the extreme heat.”

He recommends plenty of degreaser, and to clean mud-like deposits off the outside of the engine, using o use a blend of solvents and surfactants. Surfactants are surface tension-reducing compounds that can act as detergents. This combo can keep the engine running better, and help make maintenance a less messy job.

Take care of your motorbike while you’re not riding it, and it will take care of you while you are.

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If you’re like me you probably weren’t ready to buy a BRAND NEW motorcycle for the first go around. Maybe you weren’t sure that you would like it, that you would pick it up or maybe you just didn’t have the money to buy a brand new bike off the showroom floor.

So you were left buying a used motorcycle. Where do you go? How do you start the process?

There are literally hundreds of sites out there that will help you sell your motorcycle. Craigslist (CL) is probably the biggest but eBay is useful as well. We prefer CL because it’s local to you.

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